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Artist Spotlight

Hey Babes! Welcome back to another blog post. This week I wanted to take the time and introduce my sister & artist, Kristen. I often mention how we sister slay all day, everyday at our studio, Intentions Salon. It is a pretty incredible feeling to be able to work along side your family. I think joining forces has only brought us even closer together deepened our bond as sisters. Not everyone is able to have the pleasure of working with family and I don't take it for granted how lucky we are to have each other. The trust and motivation we share for one and other is unmatched. Bound by blood and connected with the passion for creation through hair.

We are both 3rd generation hair stylists, so not only does our blood run deep but so does our ability to slay some hair! We teamed up in October of 2018 and it was about time to update our website and formally introduce her with a bio. I had asked her to write a little something about herself for our site. I left it wide open because I believe in giving people creative freedom. In my opinion too many boundaries and guidelines can smother creative juices. To my surprise she ran with it! I was surprised because I remember our conversation about journaling where she told me she didn't enjoy writing.... this coming from the girl who handed in a two page bio. Lol, maybe she didn't realize how enjoyable writing is or her natural ability to express herself. Either way, I was blown away with what she wrote. I decided (well Lianne, our salon coordinator, decided) it would be a great idea to leave her bio raw and post it as a blog instead.

Kristen has always been a more reserved and private person. Reading her bio even left me learning a few things about her... and in awe because of the sweet words she wrote about me. I had no idea the impact I had on her. I love that we are sisters who lift each other up. That is was our studio motto is all about, women lifting up other women. When you come in to the studio we welcome you with open arms to our fam.

So pull up a seat and take a minute to get to know our sister, Kristen:

"I have always had a love for the sciences and I have spent my entire grade school career working towards my then dream of getting into NCSU and working with animals, my other love.

Like most life plans, they don’t always end up like you had intended. I realized becoming a veterinarian was no longer my life goal and I needed to create a new path for myself.

Well, cue my amazing family.

I am the youngest if 6 kids, which is really helpful during important life decisions. My older sister and owner of Intentions salon, Julia, had a huge impact during my school and future career transition.

I was 18 years old and had just finished two years at NCSU with a hodge podge of credits that did not amount to a single degree; but I still had my love of science and a passion for learning. Clearly I felt lost.

That's when my sister, Julia, gave her sisterly advice. At the time I had no idea how much of a guiding force she would actually be in my future schooling and career.

Julia had her own path towards the hair industry but I think the way we both entered cosmetology school was with a similar mindset: feeling slightly lost and not realizing how much cosmetology school would change our lives. Or it really does just run in the family genes.

Julia's recommendation of going to cosmetology school seemed the most exciting amongst all the other suggestions given to me by family. I mean what girl wouldn’t want to learn more about hair and makeup?! So, I just enrolled and voila, I started cosmetology school 2 short months later!

To my surprise, the art of hair color has so much science behind it. It's not just squeezing product out of a tube and applying it to the client's hair.

There's a science to creating color formulas and knowing when and how to use certain products and tools. And of course, the science of hair itself and the human body, as well as the science behind the chemicals used.

I fell in love instantly. Not only did it fulfill my love of science, it fulfilled my passion for learning. Everything was new, interesting and fun!

I love having the ability to create something different and beautiful each day and to have the instant gratification to go along with it. Seeing how my work can positively affect the guests in my chair is just an added bonus. It's such a rewarding feeling to be able to give confidence and beauty to another woman.

Julia was and imminent part throughout my entire hair career. She allowed me to assist on bridal parties she worked on, she recommended my first salon job and a reputable salon with a great apprentice shop training program and she always encouraged and motivated me.

I always looked up to her and viewed her hair wisdom as gold and nothing could touch it! To this day I still feel that way and I am so honored to be apart of her growing brand and vision of uplifting women.

Then in June of 2018, I went in to get my hair done by Jules and what I thought would be a normal hair appointment turned out to be life changing. Julia gave me NBR extensions for the first time.

Not only did it give my hair that always seemed to be in the "growing" phase instant length and volume, but it enhance my color like no other! I literally had Pinterest hair!

I went to get a manicure after my hair appointment and for the first time ever I was receiving compliments and questions about my hair! I've always been able to create beautiful hair but as a stylist, there is no better feeling than having great hair yourself! My natural Genes may have passed down being a hairdresser but they also gave me naturally fine, thin hair.

Finally I had a hair extension method in my head that gave me the most amount of hair with the least amount of points of attachment to my head. Not only that, the maintenance is a lot more manageable for both the client and the stylist. Hand tied hair extensions does minimal amounts of damage (which all hair extensions are damaging unfortunately, but NBR is the safest extensions method by far!). This method allows my natural hair to grow while wearing the extensions! It gives my natural hair a break from the all the heat and styling since I have so much extension hair that's taking the brunt of it! Plus, it blends so seamlessly with my natural hair that nobody even knows I have them (but as soon as they compliment my hair I'm always crediting my NBR because no shame in my hair game)! There are so many reasons why I love NBR and could never see myself without them now.

And that was that. In one afternoon I had hair that made me feel like me! I also had a new job! I was sold. I knew this is where I had to take my career to. NBR extensions marries my passion of color (there's plenty of color fun involved with custom coloring the hair extensions to blend with my guest's custom colored natural hair) with giving the gift of beauty of confidence. Becoming a specialized artist in the realm of color and the most superior extension method on the market combined with my driven and talented sister as a boss was the ultimate package.

I started working for Intentions Salon in October of 2018 and Julia flew me out to California in November 2018 to become certified in NBR extensions. I am excited to share that we are both getting certified in SKW hair extensions, an alternative hand tied method, this February 2019!

My passion for always learning and growing continues on here at Intentions Salon as Julia pours everything into me like her very own protege and it allows me to take pride in myself as a professional and in my craft as a Colorist.

Working with Julia has allowed me to grow as a stylist as she pours into me with continuous education. Being apart of the Intentions Salon team enables me to hone in on my color skills and specialize in color and hand tied hair extensions.

I always knew that hair was a way for people to express themselves and make them feel beautiful, but hair extensions takes it to a whole new level.

I was able to experience inner strength, courage and confidence with hair extensions because I was able to wake up every day with the hair I have always dreamed of and what i thought represented me better.

Now, I am so excited to be able to empower my guests through both color and hand tied hair extensions- and help them achieve their dream, Pinterest hair ! Our commitment to educating ourselves and giving our clients the best service for the health, integrity and beauty of their hair never stops!"

Check out the sister duo at and follow us on Instagram @intentionssalon, @jules.intentionssalon, & @kristen.intentionssalon to watch the magic happen. We are always ready to help you reach your hair dreams!



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