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Beach Tote Must Haves!

The warmer weather is upon us! As summer heats up our haircare routine requires some changes to help maintain our color and health of our hair. In my studio, Intentions Salon, we pride ourselves on educating our guests how to properly care for your hair and Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions. Today I wanted to share our summertime tips with you!

Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions NBR care tips

Although the sun feels amazing shining down on us, just like our skin, our hair needs protection from the harmful UV rays too. Most people do not realize that your hair can actually be sunburned if not properly protected. This can lead to dryness, discoloring, and damage. So let’s be proactive to keep our hair looking and feeling the best it can.

Must have Products:

Leave in Conditioner - Lets just call it liquid gold for your hair! This is a vital product all year long for moisturizing, protecting, and maintaining your hair and extensions. When it comes to using a leave in conditioner during the summertime it is a poolside must have! I always joke that I apply leave in conditioner more regularly than sunscreen, but it is true! I really do. Along with applying it to my hair and extensions after each shampoo (before blow drying) I also apply before sitting in the sun and reapply as I lay out in the enjoying the North Carolina summer sun. Just like sunscreen.

Whether you are laying out at the pool side, sea side, or on a boat, slathering your hair in conditioner is important because it creates a barrier to protect it from the sun and water. The sun and water can discolor and dry your hair out…. Even salt water. I’m often asked if salt water is damaging like chlorine water and the answer is yes! Either one will rid your hair of its natural moisture so using a leave in conditioner is important to replace what is being removed. For best results I recommend applying before entering the water and after getting out.

NBR Natural Beaded Row hair extensions products

Salon picks for a good leave in conditioner:

Kevin Murphy Un.Tangled

Kevin Murphy Staying.Alive

Kevin Murphy Leave-In Repair

Oligo 18 in 1

Weekly Conditioning Treatments - You might be asking why are weekly conditioning treatments necessary when using a leave in conditioner, well I have got all the answers for you. A mask will penetrate deeper into your hair shaft than a leave in treatment. So while the leave in treatment protects your hair on a surface level, a deep conditioning treatment will nourish your hair from the inside out.

Following your regular shampoo you should apply a generous amount of your mask or treatment to towel dried hair, starting at your ends and working up. A wide tooth comb or wet brush is great to have in your shower to help evenly distribute the treatment. Leave on your mask for 10-20 minutes and then rinse.

NBR Natural Beaded Row hair extensions products

I’ve heard of some people sleeping in a deep conditioning treatment, but contrary to popular belief a deep conditioning treatment should be applied to damp hair, and you should never go to sleep with wet hair, ESPECIALLY with NBR hair extensions. Instead try starting your shower with your shampooing routine (check out previous blog post about how to shampoo Natural Beaded Rows) then apply your mask. As the mask is sitting in your hair then complete your shower routine, like shaving, washing your body & face. Most of us shower for more than 10 minute which makes for the perfect deep conditioning timing. Tip, use clips or a shower cap to keep your hair from getting wet and protect the treatment from being rinsed out too early.

Salon picks for deep conditioning masks:

Wella Invigo Brilliance Mask with lime caviar

Oligo Intensive Replenishing Mask

Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me Masque

Kevin Murphy Young.Again Mask

NBR Natural Beaded Row hair extensions products

Oil Sprays-

Salon must haves for oils:

Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine

Kevin Murphy Shimmer Me Blonde

These are Kevin Murphy leave in oil treatments that have iridescent reflects in it for shine BUT also offers UV protection. Consider it another sunscreen for your hair! Great option or protecting your hair and color from the rays of the sun. A must-have in any beach tote!

At Home Treatments-

The sun is always gonna turn hair color warm or brassy- and although we can’t fight the harmful UV rays we can minimize the effects that they have on your hair. A mixture of at home and salon treatments is our go to cocktail to combat that nasty brass.

At home using a purple shampoo once a week will help tone down those unwanted yellow tones. Of course, too much of a good thing isn’t good either, so don’t over use it. You probably won’t love your hair taking on a purple/gray hint, which can dull your bright blondes and rob it of its luster. It is a use as needed product.

In Salon Treatments-

Conditioning Treatments- In salon conditioning treatments are a great add-on service. Our salon grade products are a little more concentrated and often used with heat which help to penetrate the hair deeper and last 2-3 shampoos. They are a great way to add shine while sealing in your fresh new hair color!

Glosses - As we all know the sun can reek havoc on your hair color. All hair has naturally warm undertones, and when lightening hair to add dimension those warmer undertones are revealed. Glosses are used to help neutralize those unwanted warmer tones.

Think about a gloss as being your foundation for make up. Your foundation can camouflage your uneven skin, redness, or sun spots. But once you wash off your foundation or make up your natural skin coloring and imperfections are still there. Same goes for the unwanted warmer undertones in your hair. A gloss will help deposit a more desirable color BUT glosses typically only last 4-6 weeks…. Depending on how frequent you shampoo, swim, tan, and sweat. Coming into the salon more frequently, especially during the warmer season, for a mini beauty treatment like a gloss & blow out will help keep those brassy tones at bay.

Must Have Accessories:

Hats - Hats are such a cute accessory that pairs perfectly with Natural Beaded Row hair extensions. Along with being an asset to your outfit they are also great for protecting your hair from the sun. Show up in style while being savvy!

Wet Brush - Most people do not know that your hair is more fragile when wet. This means being more gentle with your damp hair is important. Using the proper tools is apart of that process. A wet brush is ideal for untangling your wet hair because the bristles are pliable so they bend and reduce the risk of breaking your hair. Having one in your beach tote is perfect for applying your leave in and making sure your hair extensions are not tangling.

NBR Natural Beaded Row hair extensions products

Bobble Hair Ties - I am sure you have seen the hair ties that look like an old school telephone cord. They are my absolute favorite! These hair ties are able to secure your thick extensions into place without the tension of traditional hair ties. A total must have when wearing NBR Extensions in a topknot or ponytail. I always keep one on hand just in case I feel the urge to pull me hair up. Great for any tote really!

Swim Styles - Living an active lifestyle is completely capable while wearing NBR extensions but taking special steps are required for the best results and experience. While swimming and wearing hair extensions it is best to wear your hair in a braid. This prevents your hair from tangling while swimming. Tangles require more tugging which can cause tensions and lead to potential stress on your natural hair.

Avoid swimming in top knots because this will cause tangling. Water causes the hair to expand and if hair expands while in a top knot it will form into a giant tangle. Swimming with loose hair is okay in calm waters.

Applying leave in conditioner before swimming is best because it creates a barrier between your hair which prevent your hair from absorbing chemicals & minerals in the water. The conditioner also prevents tangling and makes it easier to brush out after swimming. And of course, be sure to brush your hair out with conditioner after getting out of the water.

Alright babes, hopefully you have found some gems in the post about how to properly care for your hair and Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions while enjoying some summertime fun! Please comment or share this post with your friends. If you are looking for a summertime hair transformation be sure to fill out our online application to set up a consultation.

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