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Curling Tutorial

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

This week's post is more of a vlog. I'm constantly asked how I create my boho beach waves so I thought I would record a video for you guys! .

This is my goto hair style I like to rock. I love how romantic & flirty beach wave look... especially while wearing 3 rows of NBR extensions. This technique could work for naturally long hair as well. Keep in mind that everyone's hair is a little different and what works for your texture may vary. Take some gems from this video and make it your own!

Products used:

Untangled by Kevin. Murphy

Doo Over by Kevin Murphy

U oil by Unite

Flex Reflect by Fave 4


GHD 1.25 inch curling iron

Wet Brush

Rat Tail Comb


Don't be shy, request a tutorial you would like for me to share with you!


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