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Hand-Tied VS Natural Beaded Rows

Hey, thanks for joining me today. I wanted to touch on one of my favorite topics, hair extensions! Extensions are growing more and more popular in the hair industry and with that comes a lot of questions and confusion. Just like everything else in the world, hair extensions are evolving. My goal with this blog entry is to bring a little more clarity & knowledge to this growing trend. 

Hair extensions have been around for CENTURIES! Their history goes back as far as the days of Cleopatra, who was the first documented woman to wear hair weaves. In modern history they are becoming less taboo and more mainstream. Most of our favorite celebrities have been wearing different types of hair pieces and extensions for decades, and now more than ever, women in all walks of life have access to extensions. 

If you have been researching hair extensions on your own, I’m sure you have been asking  yourself these questions:   -What kind of hair extensions are best for me? -How do I find an artist?

Girl, the options can seem overwhelming. Through facebook, instagram, and just the internet in general you have come across probably years worth of different methods and artists. Hair extensions are ever evolving.  With each new development of hair extensions comes new benefits. Gone are the days of glue in! Praise baby Jesus! But with each new development comes a new set of questions for you, the salon guest. So let’s get it! 

What is the difference between NBR extensions and hand-tied? 

NBR is just a brand within a method. Let me explain. Nike isn’t the only producer of running shoes. You can buy running shoes from damn near anyone nowadays (Adidas are my personal fave). Same goes for hand-tied hair extensions. NBR is just a brand or producer of the method of hand-tied extensions. NBR just happened to have phenomenal marketing making them a more recognized brand in the industry. 

So if NBR is just a brand what is hand-tied hair extensions? 

Hand tied extensions are braid free, adhesive free, chemical free sew in hair extensions. A track using thread or beads or both is formed around your head and then wefts (long strips of hair) are then sewn to that track. This continuous track of hair sewn around your head leaves you with the most natural looking results because there are no breaks in the hair extensions like Tape- Ins or single bonded strands of hair. Hand tied hair extensions offer more hair with less points of attachments to your natural hair reducing the risk of damage to your hair. 

Why NBR? 

NBR, AKA Natural Beaded Rows, is among many different hand tied methods. They have grown notoriety because of their program BMS which is integrated into their hands-on training for hairstylists. When a stylist invests in their education and flys out to Laguna Beach they train the artist in the system AND how to market their new skillset. This marketing knowledge helps that artist to grow their business along with growing NBR as a brand worldwide. With so many artists hash tagging and claiming NBR it has created a movement. 

NBR is currently the only extensions method that I know of that has a mastermind program. This is a weekly virtual training group which helps to troubleshoot the method, dive deeper 

into the science of marketing, and perfect their skillset. After spending 2 years in this mastermind program, I can now say with confidence I am a NBR specialist. 

Hand tied extensions differ from traditional methods because they are very intricate and detailed. Customized from beginning to end with how long the track is, what angle the track is placed, how many wefts are placed on each track, hand painted wefts, what texture is used, how many rows are used, and the length. Whew.... that’s a lot! And that is why they offer better results than any other method. They tailored to meet your individual needs.

How do you find an artist? 

I think it is very important to connect with anyone that sits in my chair just as the customer you want to connect with your artist. You want to find someone that ‘gets you’. No better way to find an artist than to stalk them on social media. It is much like online dating. Welcome to the millennium. Search hashtags, find an artist that does work you like, read reviews, see what kind of content they put out and what resonates with you. These are all things to help guide you to the right chair. 

Choosing an artist based on location and price could end up biting you in the end. When you are choosing to invest in hair extensions it is so important to do your research. When it comes to your hair/body this is not the time to cut corners! 

Key things to look for are artists that have invested into their education, are passionate about their craft, and produce good results. In the end, it's the results that matter. Of course connecting with your artist is important because you will be spending hours in their chair BUT the number one thing is that you LOVE the end result. Social media allows us to window shop and see what we are buying into before purchasing. Social media is a powerful tool when used correctly so start shopping! 

If you are looking for an artist I would like to invite you to check out my pages on instagram, @intentionssalon and @jules.intentionssalon. When you find something you like be sure to visit me at (or the link in my instagram bio) and fill out my online application for hair extensions. After you submit your application I will be in touch to set up your consultation! 

Happy Shopping!



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