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Hot Tools Matter!

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

I would love to talk to you about one of the greatest, yet sometimes the worst, gift ever given to your hair. Hot tools!

When used properly hot tools can make or break your hair style. They can offer a more shiny, smooth, seductive, and polished look to your locks. They can also be the death of your hair when used incorrectly or not of great quality. All of us can say that at one point or another they have fried their hair from using styling tools. I like to refer to it as a mechanical “hair cut”. I would love to share some tips on how to avoid this from happening in the future.

First and foremost, PRACTICE MAKES BETTER!

Let me ask you, how did the first time you applied make up turn out? Did you nail it the first time you learned to parallel park? Or how about the first time you had sex? If you were a born natural, good for you, for the rest of us it was probably a little awkward and uncomfortable for all of the above. But as you continued to do each one of them you slowly grew more comfortable and proficient. Same goes for hot tools. Don’t expect the perfect Victoria Secret beach wave the first time you ever pick up a curling iron or wand. Dedicate a little extra time in the morning or spend some extra time on your weekend finding your rhythm. YouTube is a wonderful resource. Use it. I will be sure to share a curling tutorial on my blog soon!


The tools you choose to invest in make a difference. Cheap tools like Conair, Remington, Revlon, or any other non professional brand just can’t stand the test of time. Sure, their cheap and easy to find but they will need to be replaced often. Professional tools, although they may cost more upfront, they will surely last longer overtime making them more cost efficient in the long run. They offer state of the art technology like controlled heating elements to evenly distribute heat throughout the entire tool. This avoid hot spots that can burn your hair in some parts and not set your style in other parts.

As a stylist the number one complaint I hear is that their style doesn’t last. This also goes hand in hand with the quality of tool you choose. BETTER TOOLS = LONGER LASTING HAIR STYLES. They are also made from quality materials like ceramic, tourmaline, and ionic. All of these elements play a part in the finishing of your style, reducing frizz, and holding shape. So do your research and invest wisely!

Lastly, if your tools do not slide through your hair like butter then they are most likely causing breakage. If there is resistance, snagging, and your tool is not gliding smoothly down your hair shaft then it is time to replace her.


- Curling iron: Bio Ionic Long Barre

-Wand: T3 or Paul Mitchell

- Flat Iron: Keratin Complex

- Blow Dryer: Dyson or Babybliss Rapido


ONE big misstep when it comes to styling…. Not allowing your hair to cool before finishing it. Let your curls set and cool for a minute or two before running your fingers through them. Cooling sets your hair so give yourself an extra few minutes to allow your curls to cool for longer lasting results. Same goes for blow drying. After you finish blow drying each section hit the cool button to set & reduce frizz.


Less is more when using sticky substances like hair spray. Applying too much hair product can actually cause the product to “cook” onto your hair and cause breakage. Never apply heat to hair that is wet! If you hear crackling from products when you apply heat just know that those noises are your teeny tiny hairs burning and breaking. Eeeek! Stop that right now! I cant, it hurts my heart.


Unlike hair spray, a heat protectant is a must! You wouldn’t go out in the sun without sunscreen, would you?…. OK, maybe some of you would. Your hair is a different story. If there is one thing I’ve learned from being a stylist is that we usually all want longer/fuller hair and our hair never grows fast enough. So why are you mistreating the hair you do have? Cherish your hair and respect it by using a heat protectant.

I prefer to curl my hair with just a leave-in-conditioner/ heat protectant then after curling my entire head applying a little light hold hair spray. Try switching it up and spray after setting your style.

Some of my fave life saving hair protectants:

  • Untangled by Kevin Murphy

  • 7 Seconds by Unite

  • Nectar Thermique by Kerastase


I’m just going to go ahead right now and tell you now to turn down your hot tool. You are most likely using it on too high of a heat setting.

Rule of thumb, Color treated hair should never be styles on a heat setting higher than 380 degrees. Lightened or bleached hair should never be styled on a tool set higher than 360 degrees. Virgin hair…. Well who has that anymore?! This is not driving. The speed limit is not 45mph so that means you drive 60mph. Those are the maximum heat settings. if you need more practice and are still learning how to curl your own hair turn down your hot tool to about 250 degrees.

A lower heat setting does not mean your hair will not curl. It just means you can have you hair resting on that hot tool for a little longer without burning those babies clear off your head. So if you aren’t proficient then turn your tools down until you build your speed up.


Support your local stylist and salon. Hair products are NOT guaranteed without being purchased in a salon that is certified to prescribe and sell their hair products.

So often the biggest problem is that you are not using the correct product for your hair type. Seek a professional hair stylist because we have been specially trained in diagnosing hair.

These are general terms I’m speaking in. There are always exceptions to every rule so refer to your stylist for customized tips & products from the professional that knows your hair.

If you are looking to connect with a stylist that specializes is solutions for thinning hair please contact me at

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