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Living Intentionally with Jules

What’s up! Thanks for tuning in to my blog. I have been wanting to create a space where I can share more about myself, hair, fashion, beauty, and fitness. All of my faves!

Well, if you’re here, you probably already know my name but here is a little of my back story. I was born in Toronto, Ontario. I spent 13 years in Canada before moving to the USA with my parents and five siblings. I am the middle child ( if there can be one) of six. I have three sisters and two brothers. Yes, we are all biological and my parents are still married. Go them! We are all pretty close. Having six kids raised on two teacher salaries calls for pretty close quarters growing up and I like to think that has something to do with how close we are as a family today.

I am a third generation hair stylist! I was literally born to do hair. My professional cosmetology career started in 2005. Growing up, I always had a fire that burned for the beauty world. Barbie was my first client which then transitioned into all of my girl friends from school. I now specialize hair extension. Particularly a method called Natural Beads Rows. Hair extensions have always been near and dear to my heart because of my own hair struggles.

I have never been blessed with great hair. I literally tried everything that promised long, thicker hair! No matter how hard I tried and how healthy I got my hair I realized that I just have shitty hair. Danielle, the creator of the NBR method, always refers to her hair as toddler hair. Well, if she has toddler hair than I have infant hair!

I dabbled with many different methods of extensions. I have been certified in seven different types and have worn each one of them. Truthfully, they were all amazing for a period in time. Then the removal process would come and that is when shit would go sideways. All of them would be such a timely process to remove…. Not to mention the pain. Having to sit through the adhesive being picked out of your hair, no thank you. My hair is to fragile for that crap. Not to mention I’m a tenderonie (tender headed).

I chose to align myself with NBR because they are completely adhesive free and just simply put, more gently on my fragile hair. They look natural, add more volume than any other method I’ve tried, and the removal is a cinch!

I currently work in Morrisville, NC. I have a two chair studio where I rock out some hair magic. I aspire to have a small five chair salon with some badass creative divas holding it down. I love supporting other women. I personally feel like we are raised to view other women as our competition but I would love to change that. I once heard “we are stronger together” and I truly believe that. Im not a feminist, Im just a dope chick that likes to support other dope chicks.

Im also pretty die hard for food and fitness. My father had a heart attack and quadruple bypass heart surgery at the pretty young age of 55. That really shook me to the core and encouraged me to start living a more healthy and active lifestyle. I started with hiring a personal trainer but never really loved it…. There was a lot of “stretching”. I came to find I love group fitness. I have met some pretty incredible and inspiring people through group training and have been practicing crossfit for the past 8-9 years.

Call me a glutton for punishment but I immediately fell in love with crossfit. Something about pushing yourself to the absolute max and the sense of a accomplishment you feel afterwards is so rewarding. Plus, I have met some incredible people through that sport. Some of my best friends are from crossfit. Not to mention the booty crossfit has blessed me with.

Lastly, I will be sharing some fashion and beauty tips with you! Because now that you have bomb ass hair (Thanks NBR) and a rocking body (from all your hard work) you now need to strut your stuff in some trendy threads. I have learned a few things from managing hand me downs my entire adolescence to working with my short stature. Plus, I may not be up to date with current events but I can tell you this season’s trends!

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