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Meet our Salon Coordinator

Hey babes, and welcome back to another blog! This week I will be introducing you to a very special woman, our studio coordinator, Lianne. As our family grows here at Intentions Salon, I felt the need to bring on another member to help move things more smoothly day to day. To be honest, I felt like I was drowning trying to be the one woman show and I raised my white flag. I found it difficult to stay on top of client communication, checking guests in/out, inventory, placing orders, managing our social media, and the million other details that happen behind the scenes to keep our doors open and the lights on. I wanted to be able to focus on my art, my true passion! Insert Lianne.

Our paths crossed in December when she made a guest appearance and shadowed my sister and I for the day. We work in a small space and wanted to make sure that the next person we invite into our fam fit our energy. It was without a doubt that her New York mentality was the missing puzzle piece we were looking for. Lianne moved to NC from NY in May of 2018. She worked as a hair stylist back home and had taken a pause from the salon life after her move. Wanting to get back to her roots, she decided to join us here at Intentions Salon.

Her hair stylist back ground makes for the most magical formula as our studio coordinator. She knows the ins and outs of the salon life and customer experience. This also helped to ease my mind as I passed the reigns over to someone new. It’s a large hurdle to overcome as a business owner to delegate and release control of something you have had under your thumb for so long. It was also the best decision I have ever made! Lianne has been a tremendous asset to our studio. She joined the team and fits so seamlessly that I can’t imagine not having her presence.

She is the heartbeat of the studio, the first person all of our guests speak to and the last one! Lianne has become an intricate part of the fam and in just her two short months has brought so much value to our team.

As the editor of most of our blogs, I figured the best way to introduce her was to have Lianne tell you about herself in her own writing…

“Hi everyone! I’m Lianne, but you can call me Li. I’m the newest addition to the Intentions Salon tribe, as their salon coordinator.

If you have met me already in person, it comes as no surprise that I was born and raised in New York (supposedly, I have an accent). My husband, Peter, and I moved to Raleigh in May 2018, and are loving our new southern life.

Growing up, my parents always told me I would be one of two things, either a hair dresser or lawyer. A hairdresser because I used to color all my barbies hair with magic markers, braid all my families hair, and just be obsessed with all the beauty things, or a lawyer because I could articulate an argument like no other.

During high school, my career path became more apparent to me. I had a hard time focusing in just a normal school setting, and decided I would go away from the traditional way of schooling. I was lucky enough to be able to transfer to a technical school for my junior year, while taking the rest of my education at our local community college.

The technical path I chose was Cosmetology, while at college I began my studies towards Business Administration. I fell in love with Cosmetology school. Between the hands on and being able to have a creative outlet, I knew this is where I had to be. I fell in love specifically with color. I loved the idea of being able to make such a huge difference in someones appearance and boosting their confidence.

After Cos school and achieving my Associates in Business Administration, I ended up assisting for a salon in my home town. Little did I know that this salon was going to have such a huge impact on my life. I worked as an assistant, to eventually stylist, and then to a hybrid of manager and stylist. I worked behind the chair, offering my guests all types of services, my favorites being color and extensions. (I use to joke all the time to my co-worker that if I could survive off of only offering those two services, I would). At the same time as working behind the chair, I assisted the owner with day to day operations, planning for the future, and managing and overseeing my fellow hairstylists.

I have always thrived on wearing multiple hats. Why go to work and not give it 1000%? All my hard work, as well as drive lead me to have the career I had for myself back in New York. And just as I was getting comfortable everything changed… (isn’t that always how it goes?)

In May 2018, an opportunity arised for Peter and I that was going to change our lives as we know it. Peter was offered a great engineering position in Raleigh, NC. In a matter of three weeks, we packed up and moved our whole lives to Raleigh. He started his new position, while I tried to figure out where I fit in my new southern life. I started my search for my next beauty adventure, but it took some time. I was so fearful of falling into a series of disappointing salon experiences, so I did my research and I patiently waited for my new salon and team.

And then one day, while on an Indeed binge, I came across Julia’s ad. Of course, as fate would have it, I already followed Julia herself on Instagram. So I applied and waiting. Then I looked more into the studio instagram page, and found her Salon Coordinator search post. I applied again through email, directly to Julia. Obviously, I got a call to interview… and here we are!

But seriously, I found my second home here at Intentions Salon. They welcomed me with open arms and made me instantly feel like a part of the team. I feel like I’m living in the best of two worlds, getting to still be in the beauty industry but using all my business tools to help support the Intentions Salon Tribe.”

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