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Why Natural Beaded Rows

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

I have always been a hair extension junkie. I have worn multiple different methods over the past 8 years. Rarely had I gone without some kind of enhancement in my hair. As a stylist I lacked confidence in myself because I hated my own hair. I felt uncomfortable claiming to be a professional hair stylist yet had crappy looking hair. I decided I was going to do something about it so I went and invested in my first set of hair extensions.

My first experience with extensions started with bonded, AKA the single strand method. This is the process of heating a tiny bond and fusing a single stand of extension to your hair. It would require anywhere from 100-200 tiny bonds. I sought out a local specialist and went to the only extension focused salon at that time. It was a big investment for me and in the end it was totally worth it! I fell head over heels with the results. I felt absolutely beautiful. I never had so much length. I don’t know what it is about having long luscious hair that instantly makes you feel like more of a woman. It was one of the first time I felt ultra feminine.

And just like that I was bitten by the extension bug.

When I began to wear hair extensions I was constantly asked questions like “why don’t I just grow my hair out?”. What some people don’t understand is that not everyone has the ability to ‘just grow their hair out’. My hair is so fine and fragile that once it reaches my collar bone it stops growing… more like it starts to break off on the ends because of how fragile it is. Because of how fine it is I also lack a lot of volume so it falls very limp. After wearing hair extensions I realized there are SO many woman in the same boat as me!

I knew immediately I wanted to be able to offer this service to my guests in the studio.

I flew out to Chicago and became a certified hair extensions artist with HairDreams. I was on cloud nine helping women to feel sexy & more feminine just as I had. But, the honeymoon was short lived because after wearing them for a few months my hair was more fine and fragile than ever! The single stand method allows you to wear them for 3-5 months at a time but once you remove 100-200 tiny bonds that were adhered to your natural hair there was a lot of shedding and breakage.

I no longer felt confident about offering a service I needed to take a “break” from. I couldn’t, in my right mind, preform a service I knew would be heartbreaking at the time of removal.

I went on to try multiple other single strand methods. I used the cold fusion, or micro links that did not require heat. Thinking if the bond wasn’t heated then maybe it would be safer. Nope. There were still SO many points of attachment to my natural hair. And keeping all those suckers separate so they wouldn’t tangle/matte was a pain in the booty!

From there, I went on to try tape-ins. Can we say impossible to hide! Now y’all know I live an active life style and every time I tried to pull my hair back to get a good sweat session on those bad boys were popping out left and right. Almost always someone would let me know they can see a tape tab. Not cute!

Enough was enough. I was sick of adhesive so I decided to become a rep for Halo Couture. I loved not having all the sticky adhesive mess in my hair. I could skip the painful removal processes. Perfect, right? Not so much, halo’s just didn’t offer the security like the other semi-permanent methods I had worn before. One false move and I wasn’t sure if my weave was going to make it. I feared my halo would slip out in public leaving me completely mortified. Along with that, I hated having to take it out each night. Imagine this… you’re getting ready to lay down and go to bed with BAE but right before your head hits the pillow you are removing your hair. The hair that made you feel super sexy and confident just minutes before. Talk about insecure. BAE literally was going to bed with a different woman.

Then I discovered Danielle, the creator of Natural Beaded Rows, on youtube. I was in the black hole, commonly referred to as the internet, and one night just clicking through hair videos I stubbled across a video of Danielle installing NBR on a client. The process amazed me. I was blown away that there wasn’t an ounce of adhesive applied to her client’s hair! I had to learn more.

I signed up for the first available class and flew out to Laguna beach to train side by side with Danielle in her salon. Looking back, Im so blessed I had the opportunity to train in such an intimate way with her. The brand has grown so much from the time I joined the NBR tribe that they no longer offer this type of class setting. I fell hard for the method and had to have it installed before coming home.

I had 2.5 rows of NBR installed in my head. Bless Lindsay for staying up until 1am in our hotel room to work on me. I instantly knew this method was different. This method offered more hair than any other method I had worn before and with the least amount of attachments to my natural hair. I was smitten.

This is the first method I have been able to consistently wear without feeling the need to give my hair a ‘break’. I have more versatility when it comes to hair styles. I can wear a ponytail, top know, pig tails, boxer braids, French braids, and the list goes on. In fact, I have more options now when styling my hair than I did with my natural hair. The best part… no painful or sticky removals. The entire head of extensions can be removed in under 10 mins.

What makes NBR different:

  • Adhesive free attachment

  • Less points if attachment to your natural hair. A full head of extensions only requires 15- 40 points of connections to your hair.

  • Custom coloring for a seamless blend. Natural hair has multiple colors running through it. Each set is hand painted to mimic natural hair offering a more natural result.

  • Comfort. The row is applied higher on your head which fills in the sides and areas around your face where most of us need the assistance.

  • Gentle. There are less points of attachment which offers a smaller risk for damage.

  • More versatility. The style options are truly endless because of the placement and custom coloring they melt seamlessly into your hair.

NBR was the answer I was searching for all those years I continued to hunt for the highest quality of hair extensions. I wanted something that was safer for long term wear, would allow me to continue my active lifestyle, give me the volume and length around my face, and still look natural. I’m proud to have a product I can confidently wear in my own head and know its safe to offer this to other people.

Hair extensions get a bad rep. I have spent 8 years collecting certifications, with 6 different companies, and 8 different methods. I constantly hear how they are damaging or fake looking. NBR is changing the reputation of hair extensions. Gone are the days when you walk about with 150+ bonds in your head that easily matte together. Natural Beaded Rows is the luxury line of hair extensions breaking all the old myths about hair extensions. That is why I chose to stop offering other methods in my studio and focus on the only method I feel comfortable putting on my own hair.

The last 2 years of my career as a hair stylist I have focused more on the art of hair extensions, specifically Natural Beaded Rows. Before then, I was a color specialist. I was the quintessential stylist taking any and every color/ cut class all around the country. I even became a certified color specialist with Redken. As much as I love doing color and I geek out on correcting salon guest’s hair; I was still missing something.

Let’s be real, no one is crying tears of joy over the amazing color I just gave them. No matter how many hours I’ve poured into that color service, or the chemistry and science behind it, guests just don’t get emotional over a great color & cut. But give someone the hair that they could NEVER achieve naturally and the water works start draining. There is no better feeling than to give a person the gift of beauty and the confidence that comes along with it. It’s truly a life changing experience for that special person.

I have found my calling. My love of color and passion for extensions are now married up into one service, NBR. I’m passionate about because I can understand on a personal level what that person is going through. I found purpose in my passion and I’m blessed to have made it my career. It feels incredible to have people come from all over, trust me with their mane, and make a difference in their lives.

Hair extensions have the ability to unleash a different version of yourself. I have found my purpose in helping others to get in touch with a side of their personality that allows them to feel more beautiful. Its never about changing who you are its about enhancing what you have and giving yourself an opportunity to have the hair you always dreamed of. Helping others to become their own hair goals is what lights my fire. The passion runs deep because I know first hand how it changes the way you operate as a person. I dare you to try therm for yourself!

Visit to apply for your custom set of NBR hair extensions today!


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