Extension Care Sheet


Thank you for choosing Intentions Salon for your hair extension needs.


It is important to be aware of the corner of your rows and to avoid anything that will cause pulling or tension on them. These two corners are important to be aware of to help maintain your row and the health of your hair. 


Treating them with tenderness and care is a must. 




GENTLY brush out extensions with a Tangle Teezer before getting into the shower. This helps prevent deep tangles and matting. 


When shampooing, do not use vigorous scrubbing or pulling. Be sure to always treat your rows gently and with care. Your hair becomes heavy when wet and can create tension on your beads and this is why it is a great idea to separate your hair into two sections and rest it in front of your shoulders when wet.


For best results when cleaning between rows, we recommend clipping each row up 

separately before entering the shower. After brushing out your extensions, gently run your finger underneath your top row and secure with a clip. If you have more than one row, then brush out your second row, run your fingers under that row, and secure in a different clip.


Example: If you have one row, you should have one clip in your hair. If you have two rows, you should have two clips. If you have three rows, you should have three clips. 

Now, only your natural hair that lives below the rows should be left out and un-clipped. Step into the shower with your rows clipped up, shampoo starting from the bottom (nape area/natural hair), rinse shampoo after cleansing, then let the bottom row down, shampoo & rinse, continue working up your head, bottom to top, shampooing and rinsing before moving onto the next section.



For days where you need extra volume or to remove oil without having to wash your entire head, separate your natural hair that lays on top of your extensions and separate it from your rows and the rest of your hair. With your extensions and the rest of your hair secured back and away from your face then lean over a sink and shampoo and condition your natural hair that you have separated from your extensions. Style as desired. We like to call this time-saving tip a partial shampoo. It's perfect for those days when time is limited. 

Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to prolong both your hair color and the extension color. 


DO NOT pull hair up in a towel when wet.

DO NOT pull hair up in a ponytail when wet. 

DO NOT sleep with wet hair. 

It is important to just use caution and be gentle with your hair when wet because your hair is more fragile while wet. 





Use a leave-in after showering and before brushing out your hair and extensions. When brushing hair, start on the ends and work your way up to the scalp. Hold the hair in hand (pinched like a ponytail or hold row with your hand against scalp) to avoid tension and brush down. This will help reduce tension on your natural hair and scalp. 

Be sure to avoid getting the bristles of your brush caught/snagged between your scalp and row. This will cause damage to your natural hair and potentially damage your extensions.




Finger dry your hair 80-90% of the way (meaning no tugging on extensions with round brush or comb, just use hands and fingers). If you have multiple rows the quickest and easiest rough dry method is to section each row and then rough dry them separately This applies to dry bars as well. It is important to let whoever styles your hair know to NOT round brush your hair from start to finish of your blow-dry. 


Blow drying your extensions with a round brush is not recommended, we suggest using a Tangle Teezer brush or wet brush to dry all of your extensions and then following up drying your natural hair on top with a round brush. 


If you’re curling the extensions, run the extension hair through the curling iron once or twice, before curling. This will give your extensions a more polished look, close the cuticle, and prolong extensions. If wearing hair straight we recommend that you use a straight iron to smooth your extensions. Be sure to smooth the top layer of natural hair (especially in the crown area) to ensure a blended look. 


NO sleek ponytails or buns. When pulling your hair up in a ponytail or top knot be sure to be gentle and avoid excessive tension. After securing your hair up try pulling the ends of your row towards your face/front to release any tension. Bobble Hair ties are best for extensions. 

After styling hair use an oil (Healing oil by Virtue is our fave!) on the extensions hair from the mid-shaft to ends only. Use oil as needed on second, third, and/or fourth-day hair to prolong and protect extensions. 





Secure your hair before going to bed to help reduce the chance of tangling and matting. Use silk scrunchies when sleeping. Braids, LOOSE top knots, or low ponytails (best for shorter hair) are ideal.


Sleep with extensions in a loose braid. (or loose low ponytail if too short for braid) This will prevent tangles and prolong extensions. 


While sleeping use a silk pillowcase or a silk bonnet. The silk also helps to maintain your hairstyle and preserve those curls. Hair extension hair is naturally drier so wearing silk will help prolong the life of your Natural Beaded Rows hair.





- Leave In Conditioner: Virtue Purifying Leave in Conditioner, Kevin Murphy UnTangled, or Kevin Murphy Leave In Repair


- Oil: NOT ALL OILS ARE CREATED EQUAL! Most oils we do not recommend for hair extensions. Our personal fave for your natural hair as well as extensions is Virtue’s Healing Oil.


- Mask/Treatment: Virtue Restorative Mask, Virtue Exfoliating Scalp Treatment, Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Mask.


- Detangle Brush


- Bobble Hair Ties: the most gentle hair tie but strong enough to secure your new full & fluffy ponytail/top knot.


  • Silk Cap: Silke London





- Purple Shampoo: breaks down and shortens the life of your hair extensions.


  • Sunscreen: It will turn your extensions peachy/pink and cannot be removed. To avoid discoloring of your extensions only use mineral base sunscreens that are free of Avebenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) and Octocrylene. We recommend Bare Republic found at Ulta and Target.


  • Sun Exposure: Over exposing your extensions to rays will dry and shorten the life of your ex- tensions





For the safest and least damaging experience, we recommend that your extensions be moved up every 6-8 weeks.


We recommend a BRAID over a ponytail for vigorous activities and workouts. Braids relieve any tension on beads when jumping, running, tennis, and other high-impact actions. 


A ponytail/ topknots are better for gentle yoga, pilates, and fashion statements. 


 After a few washes, small shedding will take place as it is hand-tied hair. If you notice excessive shedding or tangling, please contact your stylist. These are easy fixes when addressed right away. 


If you're swimming always apply the leave-in conditioner to help seal in color and prevent fading. Always wash hair with Detox shampoo by Kevin Murphy to remove chlorine, salt, and impurities. This will prolong your extension hair. Chlorine and Salt Water will shorten the life of your extensions. 


Prolong sun expose will dry out your extensions and alter the color. We recommend wearing a hat to protect your locks.


Do not leave hair loose in a jacuzzi. Always have your hair pinned up or braided to prevent tangling. Jacuzzi and Hot Tubs will shorten the life of your hair extensions. 

Do not get sunscreen on your extension hair, this will compromise the color of your hair and will cause blonde extensions to turn into a peach color. 


You can live a normal, even active lifestyle with NBR, just treat the extensions with some gentleness to keep them looking their best, the longest. 

We hope you love your new extensions as much as we do! 



For even more tips & tricks on styling and maintaining your extensions check out our Instagram @intentionssalon or our Intentions Salon Youtube page!