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NBR Extensions create a beautiful mane with incredible manageability
and the freedom to customize your look. 

NBR utilizes rows of extension hair that wrap around the head in a horseshoe shape. Its attached by first anchoring a row of thread and beads into your natural hair, then stitching the extension hair to that row of thread.

Typically, an NBR application is made  up of between 1-3 rows of hair, and the whole process takes between three to four and a half hours from start to finish.

The rows of NBR extensions wrap all the way around the head , even one row can offer increased volume or added length. When you add a second or third row, you're able to achieve volume closer to the crown and more length giving you Pinterest like hair. 

NBR gives you an immediate boost of self confidence and will quickly become your favorite accessory that you never have to take off!

Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions Raleigh North Carolina

Why NBR Extensions?

This methodology of extensions is the safest because it uses minimal points of attachment to your natural hair and NO adhesive.

To achieve  a seamless blend each extensions weft is hand painted & custom colored for the most natural looking results.

The amount of wefts added & the placement of each row allows flexibility to meet each individual's needs.

Live an active lifestyle? No sweat, you can maintain your active lifestyle and achieve the most luxurious ponytails, or beautiful top knots and braids wearing NBR.

Removal is an easy 10 minutes because NBR is adhesive free!





Pricing Information
During your consultation, our specialist will determine which treatment is needed to achieve your dream look and give you a seamless blend.

Volumizing Treatment or Filler Row

  • Best for people with the length they already
    desire but just want to fill in their ends.

  • Adds one to two inches of length. 

  • 1 Row of  18" or 22" hair

  • $1800 & up


Full Length Treatment 

  • Thickens up hair

  • Adds inches of length &  fullness around your face.

  • 2 Rows of 18" or 22" hair

  • $2700 & up


Maximum Length Treatment for Mermaid Vibes

  • Thickens up hair with maximum length.

  • Extra added face framing volume 

  • 2 - 3 Rows of 22" or 24" hair

  • $3500 & up

Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions

The initial investment for NBR includes the extension hair, custom color for both your natural hair & the extensions, install, cut & style.

Expect a routine visit every 6-7 weeks to refresh tracks and color (if needed).
The same hair can be used for 2-4 routine visits!

Move Up Pricing Not iIncluding color)

  • 1 row move up: starts at $200 - $250

  • 2 row move up: starts at $400 - $500

  • 3 row move up: starts at $600 - $750

Natural Beaded Rows

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