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Meet Jules

Julia is a third generation hair stylist, so you can say she was born to do hair! Her career has been driven by her passion to create, love of fashion, and drive to empower other women with a boost of confidence.  

She separates herself from other stylists by always striving to offer solutions to women that maintain the integrity of their natural hair while transforming their self image. Staying on top of her education and latest hair trends is of the upmost importance to Julia. Pushing her boundaries and growing her skill set is a lifestyle she practices daily.

Julia is constantly investing in her career which has led her to taking numerous trips around the country. She collected numerous coloring achievements and certifications, passed multiple examinations, as well as becoming a Certified Redken Color Specialist in March, 2011. Color is her first love that drew her into this industry and since mastering the art of color she has ventured into the world of hair extensions.

Her curiosity of hair extensions started with a desire to find a solution to her own hair struggles. Never being able to achieve the color, cut, length, or volume she dreamed is what began her journey with extensions. After years of working behind the chair she found that she wasn't alone with these hair struggles. She met and worked with many women that had a similar story to her self and she wanted to make their hair dreams a reality. After wearing and becoming certified in six different extensions methods, in six years, she finally found Natural Beaded Rows.

Natural Beaded Rows married her love of color and the art of extensions. NBR extensions are a customized set of extensions tailored to your individual needs. Each set is hand painted to ensure a seamless blend with your natural hair.  They are also known as the "healthy hair extension" because of their minimal points of attachments to your natural hair along with being chemical free.

Julia decided to align herself with NBR and become a specialist in this method because of the bad rap other types extensions were creating. She has fallen victim to the damage of traditional extensions methods and didn't want to offer solutions to her salon guests struggles that could cause more damage and problems in the future for their natural hair. Making hair dreams come true is her passion but maintaining the health and integrity of your natural hair is equally important. 

The hair extension industry is always evolving and Julia prides herself on staying up to date with the latest technology. Since mastering NBR she has gone on to work with brands like Invisible Beaded Extensions, The Mane Luxe Method and The Luna Method because no one size fits all. Have peace of mind that your natural hair will be cared for while enjoying a full array of luxury handed hair extensions. She will take the time to sit down and discuss each method with you and determine which is the best fit for your hair and lifestyle.

Stretch your hair boundaries and learn the endless possibilities while you relax in Julia's chair. She is a true hair artist!

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Meet Brandon

He is originally from Virginia but since his dad is in the military he’s moved throughout different states his whole life. 


In his free time he loves to watch movies such as horror, romcom, or anything magical/superhero. He enjoys singing, dancing, a good shopping day, or a night out with friends. He also really enjoys makeup and always has his face snatched!


From a young age he’s had a fascination with hair. Brandon remembers touching anyone’s and everyone’s hair that he could get a hold of. His mom would always tell him to stop because it was often random people. Then in middle school and high school he would do his friends hair for fun and finally broke into makeup.

His favorite thing about this fabulous industry is that there’s endless possibilities to make guests happy. He also loves that there is no set rules or labels, it is all art and creativity.


Brandon’s goal is to help individuals realize that they are beautiful no matter what. He wants his clients to look in the mirror and truly feel that they are beautiful.


Hair is Brandon’s passion. He is looking forward to the endless knowledge that he will gain from not only his career but especially his guest. He is excited to leave the biggest impact on others too. Not only to make them happy but him himself happy.

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