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Jules is a fine hair specialist whose top priority is preserving the health of your natural hair while adding enhancements. Whether your hair loss is temporary or long-term, her goal is to leave your hair in better condition than when you first met her.


With over a decade of experience, numerous certifications, and extensive testing and personal use of various hair extension methods, she is dedicated to offering 100% adhesive-free hair solutions. After experiencing the adverse effects of removing harsh adhesive extensions, she sought to create a gentler experience.


Her deep understanding of the complexities of fine, fragile hair ensures that each guest receives a customized set of hair extensions. Her signature hidden beaded extension method is tailored to your individual needs based on your head shape, bone structure, density, texture, and follicular strength.


Recognizing that not everyone is a suitable candidate for hair extensions, she also offers mesh integration. This crown extension method is used for hair loss in the crown area. This innovative solution is also 100% adhesive-free, providing hair solutions for women who might not be suitable for traditional extensions.


If you've hesitated to invest in hair extensions out of fear of potential damage, you're in the right place. Julia understands the importance of every hair on your head and treats each client's hair with the same care as her own.


Don't let fear prevent you from experiencing the confidence that comes from loving your reflection. Request an appointment by submitting your Pre Consultation Form.

Meet Jules

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