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Mane Luxe Method

Mane Luxe Method extensions create a beautiful mane with completely hidden attachments for discrete and natural looking results

Mane Luxe Extension beads 1.JPG

What is it?

Mane Luxe Method is an innovated Hand-Tied Extension system designed with stylists and clients in mind!


This method supports healthy hair growth, No Damage, minimal points of contact with the natural hair, No over direction, No Heat, Glue or Tape and no END BEADS!  The Mane Luxe Method is virtually undetectable,  lays flat, Can be worn on fine fragile hair and won't slip out or show, even in a pony tail! 

Mane Luxe Extensions top row view.JPG

The Foundation

Our Slim and concealed foundation is remarkably gentle on the scalp and virtually undetectable even to the touch! With a flexible base and minimal points of contact Mane Luxe helps improve the integrity of your natural hair! With our trusted method you can say goodbye to messy, sticky, bulky, painful, high maintenance extensions and hello to comfortable beautiful healthy hair!

Mane Luxe Extensions utilizes rows of beads that wrap around the head in a horseshoe shape layered with extension wefts on top and underneath the row. Typically, a Mane Luxe application is made up of between 1-3 rows of hair. The rows or hair are attached by anchoring a row of beads in a horseshoe around your head, and then stitching the extension hair to it. The whole process, including coloring, takes between three to five hours to complete. The beads remain hidden throughout the entire wear of your extensions.

Mane Luxe Extensions top row view.JPG
Mane Luxe flip up_edited.jpg
Mane Luxe flip up_edited.jpg

The Difference

This superior method offers ultimate comfort and flexibility giving you endless possibilities for styling without pain or discomfort.

Mane Luxe Extensions wrap around the entire head increasing volume and adding length to your mane. Anyone can achieve truly Pinterest worthy hair with just one to three rows. Gain an immediate boost of confidence with long and thick glamorous locks. These extensions will quickly become your favorite accessory that you never have to take off!

Mane Luxe Method is the perfect hair solution for anyone that suffers from eczema or psoriasis. The beads sit 2mm off of your scalp which eliminates tension reducing the risk for flare ups.


Mane Luxe blends naturally with your hair. To achieve  a seamless blend each extension weft is hand painted and custom colored for the most natural looking results.


Mane Luxe is flexible. The quantity and placement of each row is determined specifically for each individual’s needs. It is not a one size fits all approach. You are one of a kind, so your application should be tailored specifically to you too! 

How to Book

All appointments inside our salon are by appointment only. If you are interested in setting up a consultation then submit your online consultation form. Once we receive your form one of our specialist will review it and our team will reach out to you to set up your consultation.

During your consultation we will discuss your hair history and options. After your consultation you will have the opportunity to book your transformation appointment.

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