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Hey babes, welcome back to another blog. This week I have some exciting news to share with you! Intentions Salon is finally carrying Covet & Mane handed hair. I have been specializing in Natural Beaded Row hair extensions for over 2 years and have yet to come across another hair line that can match the quality of Covet & Mane. As the popularity of hand-tied hair has grown so has the demand. This has created some challenges as far as finding quality hand-tied hair.

When I first became certified in NBR hair extensions the creator, Danielle White, directed us to use a specific hair brand. Let’s call this brand X so I’m not throwing another company’s name under the bus. In the beginning X was a beautiful hair line that I wore myself and had great success with. As the method Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions became the leading luxury brand in hair extensions the demand of X hair outweighed the supply. This imbalance in the system had company X dip in quality of the hair they were selling leading to many different issues for us stylists.

A few things that started to arise with the lower quality hair was low/out of stock, tangling, matting, and crawling. Crawling is what I call when you’re just doing your thing through life and one moment you look up in the mirror and have two, what appear to be small animals, on your shoulders from the hair creeping into a knot. Offering the most luxurious and safest hair extension method with a hair line that did not match equally in quality left me as the artist to do some research.

In an effort to find a solution to my hair needs I started testing out many different hair brands. A couple of these brands worked out and a few fizzled. But at the end of 2018 was the big announcement of the launch of Covet & Mane. Not hitting the market until Spring of 2019 it was all that I could do to contain my excitement. Finally, a company that has over a decade of experience and knowledge in hair extensions that wanted to overcome the problems in the hand-tied world.

They heard our voices as stylists about the complaints and inconsistencies we were experiencing in the hand-tied world and made a goal of making thoughtful innovations along with quality & consistency. Now we all have a hairline we can rely on!

Covet & Mane is near and dear to my heart because it is so exclusive. I had to apply, wait on a waiting list, and then interviewed in order for offer Covet & Mane hair extensions to my guests. Although they are very particular about which stylists can offer their hair, to me it shows that they stand fully behind their product and have made is such an exclusive and luxury line.

What makes Covet & Mane different from other hair extension lines?

Silicone-Free Hair: Delivers a natural texture out the gate and blends seamlessly with your client’s hair. Silicone is usually used on hair that has sensitive during the process of becoming extensions. The silicone acts as a protective layer at first but after a few washes the overly treated hair is revealed and you are left with a less desirable product.

Expertly Sourced Hair: Meticulously dyed to deliver cool & brass-free colors that won’t fade. Tone and deposit color fast & consistent.

Proprietary Cut-Point Wefts: Allows you to cut & tailor your hand tied extensions to each client’s head without shedding or unraveling the weft. This opens up more possibilities and options for your customized set of hair extensions.

The Covet & Mane promise:

We promise reliability you can trust. Covet & Mane has perfected the science of hair-extension logistics. This means managing inventory so that the colors you want are always in stock (so you’ll never have to disappoint a client again). It also means focusing on a select number of colors to ensure shade consistency while still allowing for natural-looking dimension.We promise nonstop ingenuity.

Our team is made up of ambitious, beyond-the-box thinkers that never rest on their laurels. We’re always on the front lines of the industry, collaborating with real stylists, researching trends and developing new and exciting products tailored to the your needs.

Personally, I believe Covet & Mane says it perfectly on why I am so pumped to offer all of my guests this exclusive luxury line of hair extensions…

“You’re only as good as the hair you work with. You want to be able to confidently charge for hair extensions, without tangling, shedding, or brassiness. Our aim is simple: provide you with the best-in-class hair you and your clients can rely on, always.”

OK, so now that you have learned about the benefits of Covet & Mane, let’s talk about how you can go about experiencing the most luxury hair with the #1 hair extensions method, Natural Beaded Rows.

If you are a first time guest, you are so close to the first step of experiencing Covet & Mane and NBR hair extensions. At Intentions Salon we have all of our new guests first fill out our online NBR application. The application can be found on our home page of our website ( The application allows us to gather more information about your hair history and extensions experience, if any. It also makes for a smoother consultation with open communication for game planning.

Once we receive and review your application, we will reach out to set up an in person consultation. This is our time to connect with you on what your needs, wants, and aspirations are for your dream hair. The consultation is so vital for us to be able to provide you your hair transformation with Natural Beaded Rows. Consultations take about 30 minutes, but that half an hour sets the foundation for your installation appointment.

After we discuss our game plan during the consultation, and we are both comfortable with moving forward with the Natural Beaded Rows installation it is onto the deposit and appointment setting. A 50% deposit is collected to reserve your appointment. This deposit goes towards the total investment of your appointment. The entire process from your application submission to the time of your appointment takes about 3-5 weeks.

As we all know, good things take time and having patience through the process makes for the best results. I like to make sure each guest has adequate time and attention for their appointment to ensure that you as the guest have full knowledge on how to maintain and care for your Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions while having a luxury experience. Connecting with your artist is one of the most important parts of the service. I always recommend to do your homework and land in a chair with an artist that speaks to you!

Here at Intentions Salon we are over the moon excited to introduce all of our guests, whether new or current, to our new luxury line of hand-tied hair to accompany the #1 secret to natural looking hair extensions. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about Covet & Mane, Natural Beaded Rows, or really anything hair related. ;)



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