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Nighttime Haircare Secrets

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Hey Babes, I’m back with another blog. This week I will talking to you about proper haircare for your night time routine. Now you know I specialize in Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions but these tips I am sharing today are ideal for your natural hair as well. So whether you wear Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions or not you will want to follow these trick for healthy shiny hair.

1.First and foremost, never go to bed with wet hair. Most people do not know that when your hair is wet that it is actually more fragile and vulnerable than when dry. Going to bed with wet hair can cause sever breakage and frizz. Avoid both by making sure your hair is completely dry before laying down and calling it a night. If you prefer washing your hair at night be sure to give yourself enough time to fully blow dry it.

Bonus tip for my ladies rocking Natural Beaded Rows: sleeping in a loose braid will help maintain your curls for days which will reduce the time it takes you to get ready in the morning!

2. Never sleep with your hair in a top know or high ponytail. When wearing Natural Beaded Rows I recommend wearing your hair tied back as you sleep to prevent tangling or matting but how you choose to wear your hair matters. Sure, sleeping in top knot seems harmless but the tensions from having your hair pulled up for several hours can strain your scalp and lead to damage. Instead opt for a low and  loose braid or double dutch braids. 

Not sure how to braid ? Check out my previous blog post where I demonstrate how to braid my hair while wearing Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions.

3. Sleep with silk. Splurging on a Silk cap, silk pillow case, or a silk scarf will make a world of difference on your ends. A cotton pillow case absorbs the oils from your hair robbing it of its nutrients. Cotton can also  pull on your hair fibers as you toss and turn at night which can lead to damage and split ends on the mid shaft of your hairs. Sleeping with silk allows your hair to maintain its natural nutrients/ oils and leave your hair looking shiny. The silk also helps to maintain your hair style and preserve those curls. Hair extension hair is naturally more dry so wearing silk will help prolong the life of your Natural Beaded Rows hair.

I have two recommendations for silk bonnets. The more affordable one is from amazon and is called Glo-by-Daye. My more bougee and luxury one is designed by Silke and you can order directly from their website (ships from London) or from my favorite online store, Revole.

I do not braid my own hair when sleeping in my silk bonnet. The cap protects my hair and keeps it in place so I do not have to worry about tangling or matting. But you can still loosely braid your hair and wear a silk scarf or bonnet if you choose.

4. Apply an overnight treatment. If you have sat in my chair for Natural Beaded Row extensions then you know I preach about weekly conditioning treatments. They need to stay on for about 15 minutes but sometimes finding the time is hard in our busy days. Take advantage of your down time and repair while you sleep. You can find recommendations from a previous post that talks more about some of my favorite products or come sit in my chair and get a personalized suggestion. 

5. Scrunchies! I typically recommend using bobble hair ties for Natural Beaded Row hair extensions but when it comes to night time scrunchies work best. Scrunchies are less harmful than traditional hair ties and softer to sleep on than a bobble hair tie.

6. Brush before bed. Im sure you have heard that old myth about brushing your hair 100 times before bed for length and shine. Im not sure if the myth is true but gently brushing your hair before bed will ensure you will be tangle free. Especially important when wearing Natural Beaded Rows that you stay tangle free to prevent matting. When wearing hair extensions like NBR I recommend using a wet brush. 

7. Massage your scalp. I know, it sounds silly but massaging your scalp promotes blood circulation which causes hair growth. And since I specialize in hair extensions I know first hand just how important it is to have healthy hair so we have the ability to attach hair extensions to. I recommend a 2 Minute massage. How? Leave your hair down and with the pads of your finger tips (not your nails) gently massage your roots as if you are shampooing your hair. Strength and shine of your hair starts with a healthy scalp so this is not to be over looked.

8. Apply dry shampoo. A pro tip from me to you is to use dry shampoo on clean hair. Most guests don’t know that by applying dry shampoo to freshly clean hair will prevent your hair from becoming oily to quickly. I call it being proactive. Applying before bed time allows the dry shampoo to collect your sweat and oil as you sleep. This is especially helpful when wearing Natural Beaded Rows because we typically only shampoo our hair once or twice a week when wearing hair extensions. 

Alrighty guys & gals, those are some of my night time haircare tips to add to your nightly routine. I hope you found them helpful whether you wear Natural Beaded Rows or not. Please share with me some of the tips that you have taken from this blog and added to your night regime. I would love to know how this tips have worked out for you! 

If you are interested in experiencing the ease and beauty of Natural Beaded Row hair extensions be sure to fill out an online application (found on our home page). Once you submit your application either myself or Lianne, our salon coordinator will contact you to set up your consultation.

Peace and Love,



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