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Sweat Sessions with NBR

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

What's up babes! Welcome back to another blog. This week I will be talking to you all about how I recommend wearing your NBR hair extensions while getting your sweat on. These are tips & tricks I have picked up along the way since specializing in NBR hair extensions for the past 2 years. Y'all probably know that I am a fitness enthusiast so I have discovered some tricks that have helped me maintain my active lifestyle while also keeping the integrity of my hair while wearing hair extensions.

I know that every stylist may have their own opinion as to how you can wear your hand-tied hair extensions and workout.. These are personal tricks I have used to avoid tension spots and damage to my fine fragile hair. Hair extensions are a foreign object being added to your body and special precautions should be taken for the safest experience for your hair.

I hope you find my video helpful to you fellow hair extension & fitness enthusiasts. If you are interested in upgrading your look using hair extensions click the link on my home page to apply for your consultation. Please feel free to share, like, and comment. Enjoy!



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