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6 Tips to Prolong the Life of Hand-Tied Extensions

Hey babes, thanks for joining me again! I am so excited about this week’s blog and share my tips and tricks with you on how to maintain the integrity and luster of your Hand Tied hair extensions, like Natural Beaded rows.

Hair is science, and it’s not perfect.

This weeks blog is inspired by an interaction with one of my guests, lets call her Mia, during her usual move up and color appointment. Just like with any of my guests, I always start with a check up- about typical stuff- like work, family, life in general- and then of course, her hair. Likes, dislikes, concerns, etc-- this is my opportunity to find out what my guests experience is like once she walks out my door.

So as usual, we got into the topic of concern, and the first thing Mia says was… MY HAIR IS SO DRY, I CAN’T STAND IT. This isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve heard this many times before.. and this concern always leads me to, okay, what is your at home products and routine. Mia goes on to inform me that she has been follow other stylists, who work in particular with NBR extensions.

Don’t get me wrong, this is great, I love that Mia was actively trying to keep up with the in and outs of hand ties hair extensions. But no one person hold the holy grail of knowledge, especially in hair extensions. While Mia was soaking in tips and recommendations from them, she didn’t realize that she was being misinformed on products, ingredients, and home care in general. This conversation led down a dark hole, one that shows the importance of research and education.

We decided to look up all her products. We went through every single product, and every single ingredient. We switched out some products that were a huge NO-NO with hair extensions, and guess what? IT MADE A DIFFERENCE. Like, a huge difference. I even followed up with Mia a few days later, and she was amazed that simply changing out her products to the appropriate ones, would save her hair and make her life 1000x easier. I realized that she is not alone, she is just the one who spoke up.

Here are some hot tips to help you manage your extensions, that I shared with Mia on that day.

TIP 1: Quality over quantity.

I am just going to keep it real with y’all (like I always do). Why on earth would you spend $1500-2000 on hair and then buy products from target to maintain them? It’s like going out and buying a Porsche but then filling it up with 87 grade gasoline... it is a sure way to burn out the engine. Extensions, like a high end vehicle, are a luxury product that requires high quality hair care products to maintain them.

Always purchase your products from a salon or certified wholesaler. All hair products are not created equal and purchasing products over the counter from places like the grocery store will compromise the life of your hair extensions. Also, if you see your favorite professional products in stores like CVS, it may be tempting, but don’t do it! There is no guarantee that these products aren’t manipulated with, and it is so not worth the risk! You wouldn’t go to Chinatown to purchase an authentic Louis Vuitton. Same goes for the hair products sold NOT in a salon.

TIP 2: Sudz and stuff.

Hair extensions are thirsty... like really thirsty. The hair is no longer attached to your scalp so they do not receive the nourishment they require. That means you, the host of the hair, must provide the nutrients for them. That being said, the best type of shampoo for hair extensions is a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

For those of you that are wearing Natural Beaded Rows, it is important to ask your stylist if they use Bohyme hair. Bohyme hair cannot have products containing protein or keratin used on them. Bohyme hair comes with a silicone layer and after a few washes that silicone is then removed. Products with protein or keratin breakdown the hair, cause tangling, and leave them feeling dry. Read the ingredients before purchasing because some blogs recommend products that contain protein in them for NBR. Be aware.

Some of our fave shampoos and conditioners at Intentions Salon:

  • Hydrate. Me Wash & Rinse by Kevin Murphy

  • Smooth.Again Wash & Rinse by Kevin Murphy

  • Angel Wash & Rinse by Kevin Murphy

  • Blacklight Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner by Oligo

  • ReGenesis Thickening Shampoo

  • Nutritive by Kerastase

TIP 3: Leave-in Conditioner for the win!

After shampooing and conditioning your hair you will need follow up with leave in conditioner. Using a leave in conditioner is triple threat. It will help untangle your hair, act as a heat protectant, and moisturize your hair extensions. This is not a step you want to skip!

Pro tip for people with fine hair and afraid of weighing down their natural hair is to only use leave in conditioner from your ears down. Then spray a tiny bit of leave-in conditioner on your finger tips and lightly apply to your fringe (bang) area.

Our fave leave-in conditioners:

  • Un.tangled by Kevin Murphy

  • 18 in 1 by Oligo

  • 7 seconds conditioner by Unite

TIP 4: Hot Tools for a happily ever after.

Let me start with saying, please use hot tools responsibly. Make sure you check out my blog named “Hot Tools Matter” to learn about the proper heat settings for your hair.

Blow drying your extensions will help to marry your natural hair with the extension hair creating a more seamless blend. After blow drying your hair I recommend using a hot iron (flat or curling) to seal the cuticle of your hair which will help the blending of the extension hair with your natural while adding shine.

I have previous blog posts about 'how to' blow dry and curl your extensions. I have another blog post name Hot Tools Matter and this post talks about heat settings and some of our fave tools to use too. Be sure to check them out!

Tip 5: Oil up baby!

For 2nd and/or 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th day hair (YES, you can wash your hair once a week while wearing hair extensions!) apply a little bit of oil to moisturize and nourish your hair. You’ll get great shine while prolonging the life of your hair. Again, always check your products for protein or keratin because some oils do contain these ingredients to help strengthen your hair. Ask your stylist if they are using Bohyme hair and if so avoid all products with protein and keratin.

Applying oil once a 1-2 times a week is plenty. Bohyme hair will require daily or bi-daily oil once the silicone layer is removed.

Pro tip, apply the oil in sections. Start with less oil (about a pea size to start) to avoid making your hair look greasy. Work the oil from ends and up, avoiding saturating your scalp.

Our fave oils:

  • Shimmer Shine by Kevin Murphy

  • U Oil by Unite

  • Reflections Luminous Oil by Wella

  • Young Again by Kevin Murphy

Tip 6: Braids are Bae <3

With your gorgeous new locks, braids are a necessity. Sleeping in a loose braid will preserve your curls and prevent tangling & matting. Side sleepers will most likely prefer one braid and while back sleepers will probably want two side boxer braids.

It is important to also workout in braids or low set ponytails and buns. Doing cardio or high intensity workouts with a massive top knot or high pony can cause tension and pulling on the attachments. Keeping your hair in natural fall (the direction your hair grows) while working on your health is important for the health of your natural hair.

Hopefully you found this post helpful! I’m passionate about educating my studio guests on what to use, how to use it, and why it is important for your hair extensions to ensure a good experience. If you are looking for a Natural Beaded Row specialist to revamp your look and teach you how to maintain your style visit and fill out our online application for a consultation.

Until next time!



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